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Banbury Shukokai Karate Centres

Shukokai way for all is a traditional fast dynamic style of karate which can trace its ancestry directly back to shito ryu its parent style. Shukokai founder Soke Chojiro Tani was a senior student of Kenwa Mubuni Shito Ryu founder, Mubuni (1890-1952) was one of the early karate pioneers who was descended from Okinawan warrior class (bushi).

His training and instruction came two legendary masters Itosu and Higgaonna, Itosu was a Shurite practioner whilst Higgaonna taught Naha Te which teaches softer circular technique compared to Shurite which is very much more linear ballistic style supposedly descended from Shoulin boxing. Mubuni also received instruction from Gokenki a master of Fukien white crane Kung fu .

Gokenki was a Chinese tea merchant living in Okinawa at this time.

Through his teachings we still have the katas Ni Pi Po, Hakaku, Paipuren, which to this day are still practised by some but not all Shukokai/Shito Ryu schools.

Mubuni eventually moved to Japan to promote the Shito style and it was during this time Tani became his student and after many years refined the style into Shukokai. Mr Tani himself was born in Kobe, Japan in 1919 and started to learn karate at jnr high school.

In 1948 he opened the Shukokai school where he taught Tani-ha Shito Ryu aspect of the parent style. Shukokai spread to europe eventually with the arrival of Yoshinao Nambu and Shigeru Kimura both students of Chjiro Tani. Nambu heads his own style and organisation now called Nambudo whilst sensei Kimura devoted his life to refining and developing Shukokai, until he passed away in 1995.

Sensei Shigeru Kimura

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Shukokai Karate History